Human Rights Commission orders TID for a report on detained poet, following YJA complaint

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has called on the Terrorism Investigation Department (TID) for a report on Ahnaf Jazeem, who was arbitrarily arrested and currently under detention for composing a poetry.
Ahnaf Jazeem was arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act is currently being detained over a work of literature, ‘Navarasam’, without examining the content of the book, which includes Tamil poetry about peace, anti-war themes and is against ISIS extremism.
The letter by the HRCSL addressed to the Director of the TID, states that the Sri Lanka Young Journalists’ Association has made a complaint on 9th December 2020 and submitted a descriptive letter in this regard.
The complaint by the YJA has raised questions on not allowing Ahnaf’s lawyers to meet him, not giving medical attention when the detainee was bitten by a rat and carrying out investigations on a different matter while he was originally arrested over his book ‘Navarasam’, the letter states.
Also a team from the Human Rights Commission has visited the Terrorism Investigation Department today(1) to see Ahnaf Jazeem and his situation.
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