Galle Port Yacht Marina to lease – Ports Chairman confirms

(Translated by Akitha Wijayasinghe)
It has been decided to hand over the Galle Port Yacht Marina owned by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority to the Private Sector on a 30 year lease basis.

Only one in Sri Lanka!

This is the only natural harbor in Sri Lanka capable of anchoring yachts. A senior official of the Galle Port stated that about 50 sailing vessels can be anchored here at a time. An assessment report on this lease has been prepared and the value of the annual rent is Rs. 73.7 million. (Rs. 7,37,00000.00)

 Ports Chairman confirms 

When inquired about this, the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority Daya Ratnayake confirmed the decision to lease the Yacht Marina in Galle Port. The Chairman said that  this yard will be developed as one of the steps of a massive development project, which is expected to be implemented at the Galle Harbor.
When asked whether the development work could not be done without leasing it out to the private sector and keeping it under the control of the Ports Authority, the chairman said that only an assessment report on the relevant development project had been called and that no final decision has been taken as to who would be awarded the lease.

A letter from the Ports Authority

However, a letter sent by the Director (Technology) of the Ports Authority, Susantha Abeysiriwardena, to the Chief Assessor of the Government Valuation Department under the heading ‘Granting a plot of land in the Galle Harbor for a Yacht Marina’ states,
 ‘A portion of the land in the Galle Harbor owned by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority is to be leased out for the Yacht Marina project. Attached is the Plan, No. S / Mis / 489 of the proposed plot of land to be handed over to the Sailing Yard, and I kindly request you to submit a tax assessment report for the 2.5 hectare (6 Acres, Rood 0, 28 Perches) plot of land (existing Yacht Marina) shown in the Plan.’ The assessment fee in this regard will be paid by the Ports Authority.’

Losing revenue for what cause? 

When inquired about the leasing process, the convener of the Ports General Employees Union, Niroshan Gorakanage said that the Ports Authority has the ability to carry out this development work and that the Authority has sufficient capacity to do so. However, it is problematic to allow a sole proprietor of the private sector to obtain the revenue available to the Ports Authority and the port should be developed without losing its ownership, he added.
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