Qatar Charity, referred as a “Terrorist Organization” by CID, has worked with the Sri Lankan Embassy during the Pandemic

Lawyer representing Hijaz Hizbullah told the Fort Magistrate’s Court that the Qatar Charity, an organization dubbed a terrorist group by the CID, was closely associated with the Sri Lankan Government.

He said it also works closely with the United Nations and many other international organizations such as UNICEF.

“Even if you Google as ‘Qatar Charity,’ you can clearly see what it is for yourself,” the lawyer mentioned.

He said that the Qatar Charity is the main charity institute of the Emir of Qatar and even amid the distress condition due to COVID-19 it has maintained a close relationship with the Sri Lankan Embassy in Qatar.

He showed that the charity was designated as a terrorist organization only in Saudi Arabia due to the failures in diplomatic relationships between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The CID has no evidence against Hizbullah and branding the Qatar Charity as a terrorist organization is proof that this case against him had been fabricated, Hizbullah’s lawyer continued.

Hijas Hizbullah’s lawyer said this after the CID informing the Fort Magistrate’s Court yesterday (23) that a building of an organization called ‘Save the Pearls’ in which Hizbullah is a member, had been funded by the ‘Qatar Charity.’

The CID alleged that ‘Save the Pearls’ organization which belongs to lawyer Hijaz Hisbullajh who is currently detained, has been credited with 13 million rupees for terrorist activities.

They informed the Court that Qatar Charity is a terrorist funding organization and they are still investigating allegations of wrongdoings with the terrorist fund.

The CID informed the Court that the investigation has already been completed and sent to the Attorney General and that the Terrorism Investigation Unit is further investigating the links with the Qatar Charity.

The case is due to be taken up again before the Fort Magistrate’s Court on October, 7. Hizbullah was represented by President’s Counsel Furman Qasim, Hafeel Faris and Dhanushan Kanesheyogan.

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