Home Unity Hartals in North and East : An attempt to sabotage

Hartals in North and East : An attempt to sabotage

Hartals in North and East : An attempt to sabotage

A Hartal movement has been organized in the North and East areas saying that they are harassed by the new government.

The Hartal is organized by political parties and civil societies in the area. They said that supporters of the government and the defense forces have made various attempts to vandalize this movement.

Amid their attempts to sabotage their Hartal, it is still continuing successfully, the protestors said.

The businessmen in Mullaitivu district said that the police had threatened the shop owners to reopen their shops in major cities. Businessmen from Achuveli also said that they were threatened by the defense forces to keep their shops open.

The secretary of the Vavuniya Trade Union said that they opened their shops as the police intervened and closed them later.

Chairman of the Local Council, Valikamam East, Thyagarajah Nirosh said that nobody should be subjected to any sort of threatening.

Several media reports stated that Court orders have been issued banning Hartal activities in the North and East.

When inquired about this, the Director of the Police Media Division Jaliya Senaratne stated that no court order has been issued to stop the Hartal campaign and that court orders have been taken only for Thileepan Commemoration Ceremonies.

He added that he was informed of court orders issued against Hartals so far.


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