Rumors about the HRC are untrue- senior official retaliates 

A senior official of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission has confirmed that the claims made on social media that HRC officials were not allowed to enter the Mahara Prison is untrue.

The officer said that there was no problem in entering the prison premises to Commissioner of the HRC, Ramani Muththettuwegama and the other associates who went to the scene this morning (30) and that the officers could not go to every corner of the prison as the situation was not under complete control. He said that the Commissioner had requested the inmates and detainees to cooperate with them(the HRC officers) to control the situation, with the help of loudspeakers.

The senior official expressed the above views when we inquired to confirm the relevant news. Attempts to contact Ramani Muththettuwegama to inquire into the matter were unsuccessful.

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