Home News 19 CID officers given the axe after arresting Easter Sunday attacks suspects

19 CID officers given the axe after arresting Easter Sunday attacks suspects

19 CID officers given the axe after arresting Easter Sunday attacks suspects

Police sources revealed that a number of CID officers who were investigating the Easter Sunday attack and identifying suspects have been removed from the CID. This included several officers who have been transferred on 11th November.

The department has transferred a number of officers who conducted investigations and supervised the search to locate about 100 kilos of explosives and 100 detonators that were allegedly hidden for large scale explosions in Sri Lanka.Internal sources state that, SSP Shani Abeysekara, who supervised the search operation for the explosives in Wanathawillu, was removed from the CID in November last year. Since then, a large number of SPs, ASPs and OICs who had been investigating the Easter attack have been transferred. 

Nineteen officers have been removed by the order of the IGP on 11th November, and accordingly, following officers will be transferred out of the CID with immediate effect as they are no longer required for the duties of the department. According to police sources, among the transferred officers is a Chief Inspector of Police who has earned a commendable reputation internationally for conducting a number of investigations into counterfeit currency notes.

There are also officials who were praised for their success in investigations. 19 officers who have been transferred are as follows.

  1. Chief Inspector Keerthisinghe
  2. Chief Inspector Karasingha Arachchi
  3. Chief Inspector Gunasekara
  4. Chief Inspector Priyadarshana
  5. Chief Inspector of Police Priyanthika
  6. Women Chief Inspector Menike
  7. Women Chief Inspector N. Hewawitharana
  8. Women Inspector of Police Inspector Herath
  9. Police Inspector Ranjith
  10. Police Inspector Yapa
  11. Women Inspector of Police Wickramasinghe
  12. Sub Inspector Weerasinghe
  13. Police Sergeant Jayasinghe
  14. Police Sergeant Premakumara 
  15. Police Sergeant Rajapaksa
  16. Police Sergeant Wijewardena 
  17. Women Police Sergeant Sunethra
  18. Women Police Sergeant Chandima 
  19. Police Constable Ariyasinghe


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