No buses as promised: Gampaha A/L students walk 10-12 km

Several principals told that in some curfew imposed areas students sitting for GCE Advanced Level examination have been severely inconvenienced by the shortage of buses to reach their examination centers.

In the last few days, some students have walked 10 to 12 km and doing so on a daily basis has affected their exams, said several examiners.

Examinations are held in several major schools in Gampaha as well as in several schools in the suburbs and students come travel from various parts of Gampaha District.

Students say that due to the curfew normal buses do not operate and even though only a few SLTB buses do to certain areas, it was not enough.

Students also said, in some cases, they had to wait till a bus arrived at around 4.30 pm, even though the exams end at 11.30 am. This has caused them severe distress. Students also say because buses only go to limited areas, they may have to walk for 10 to 12 kilometers.

“One child had to walk 12km even yesterday as there were no vehicles,” an examination center official said.

“Some parents pay for three wheelers, which cost a lot. Some go into debt to pay them, to make sure their children sit for the exam,” said a teacher on duty.

They request buses be provided in all areas on a daily basis during the examination period.

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