Public Rights Protection Foundation’s Chief Asela Sampath abducted: Family claims

A complaint has been lodged with the Piliyandala Police alleging that the Chairman of the Public Rights Protection Foundation, Asela Sampath had been abducted by a group claiming to be from the CID.
The complaint was lodged by the chairman’s daughter, Agra Dinethu
ri, who said that her father had been abducted and assaulted without any reasoning regarding his arrest.
When we inquired about this, Agra Dinethri, the daughter of Asela Sampath who is a resident of Pannipitiya, Pelenwatta, said that the group who had taken her father arrived in a white van and told them that they were from the CID. She said she asked them for official IDs, but they did not reveal any such identities, and instead beat and forcibly took her father away without even allowing him to wear a face mask.
She added that her 18-year-old brother was involved in an online education program at the time and the alleged group had stolen his mobile phone. She further said that the incident took place at around 8.30 pm today (25) and she immediately went to the Piliyandala police station, but was delayed in accepting the complaint, adding that she could finally make the complaint after making serious requests. The complaint has been lodged with the Piliyandala Police under complaint number 196/171 dated today.

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