We’ll keep fighting in court as well as on the road – M.A. Sumanthiran

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We’ll keep fighting in court as well as on the road – M.A. Sumanthiran

By Sara Attanayake  | Translated By Akitha Wijayasinghe

If the 20th constitutional amendment gazetted by the current government is approved, the democratic independence of the whole country will be destroyed and as tamilians, they won’t hesitate to fight in court as well as on the road to secure the democratic rights of the people,  Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M.A. Sumanthiran, said.  

Speaking to Medialk, the MP further mentioned that they are examining the 20th amendment draft thoroughly as it is important for people to understand the sincere consequences of it.

MP M.A. Sumanthiran;

Easy to suppress

“The 20th constitutional amendment is a foundation to monarchy. Even some Buddhist monks have issued announcements against this, which is a quite significant fact. Progressive groups in the South have already started fighting against this plot. Democracy should be established in this country. Suppression of people becomes quite an easy task if democracy is tarnished. For the common to keep their struggles moving forward, securing democracy is a must.”

08th September 2010

"On 8th September 2010, the Mahinda Rajapaksa government brought forth the 18th constitutional amendment. Only TNA and JVP raised their voices against it in the parliament. Even at that moment we stood tall against burying democracy. Now they are trying to make the same mistake again. We warn them that they won’t  govern that long if they continue their schemes like this. No matter who it is against the democracy, they’ll fall before the collective struggle of the just cause”

Term ‘Independent’ is only an illusion

“It is exactly the 18th constitutional amendment they’ve proposed after renaming it as the 20th. We could refrain that monarchy through the 19th amendment. But now they're trying to turn it back. If this amendment is passed, the Independent Commission Councils will never have independence of their own. “Independent” will just be a decorative name of the commission councils, nothing more.”

U-turning in 2018

“By the 20th amendment the president will be granted with immunity once more. We could turn around the decision the president took in 2018 to dissolve the parliament through a court order because we strayed immunity off track. From all these facts it’s quite obvious that the government is trying to proceed to an extreme anti-democratic dominion.

Everyone who admires democracy should gather around this movement. We invite  Samagi Jana Balawegaya, People’s Liberation Front(JVP) and all other parties to back this struggle up. This is not limited either to North or South. The whole country is about to lose their democratic rights.”

31 Parliament members so far

“For now, we have discussed the situation with MPs Rauff Hakeem and Mano Ganesan. They and TNA combined all together we have 25 seats.  It is 28 with the other MPs in North. And with JVP it becomes 31 seats. Those who are foreseeing this threat should be hasty to join hands with us for this struggle.”