Over 10 000 illegal Sri Lankan immigrants in Italy to benefit from amnesty program 

Staff Writer | Author . පරිවර්තනය කරන්න සිංහල හෝ தமிழ் 6/14/2020 2:51:00 PM
Over 10 000 illegal Sri Lankan immigrants in Italy to benefit from amnesty program 

The Sri Lankan diplomatic missions in Italy are gearing up to assist Sri Lankans living in Italy illegally to regularize their visa status under the special amnesty program announced by the Italian government. Over 10 000 Sri Lankans are expected to benefit from the “Sanatoria 2020” amnesty program which commenced on June 1.

Accordingly, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Rome and the Consulate General Office in Milan have now arranged facilities to cater to Sri Lankans who would seek consular assistance in the process of regularising their visa status. The diplomatic missions will provide essential consular services to the many Sri Lankan community members, to expedite the passport application process.

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Rome releasing a statement said that amidst the present uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic and in the context of the strong bilateral relations that have continued over the years, the Sri Lankan community members in Italy have been provided with the opportunity, to regularise their stay through the Sanatoria, declared by the Italian Government, as one of the key policy elements of its ‘Relaunch Italy’ development plan, which provides avenues for irregular migrant workers, to apply for regularising their visa status in Italy and obtain legal stay permit for work purposes.

“In facilitating and serving the Sri Lankans under the special amnesty, the Sri Lanka Missions in Rome and Milan have commenced the special consular service, for the applicants to receive their original passports in an expeditious manner within 10 working days after the applications are made to the Embassy. The Missions, through an online-based appointment system, call applicants to visit for consular services, by taking additional measures and ensuring that the public visiting the Missions comply with the health protocols amidst the COVID-19 pandemic situation” the release said.  

The Embassy in Rome has additionally arranged a special Online Mobile Service for the Sri Lankans in Sicily Island, who wish to apply for passports to regularize their visa status under the Sanatoria. The process of the special Online Mobile Service includes scrutinizing documents and interviewing applicants which will be conducted through a video conferencing mode and an electronic mailing system. The special online mobile service will be held on 14 June 2020 commencing from 9.00 am onwards in Catania, Sicily Island.

The Embassy is scheduled to receive applications for passports under this special consular service before 30 June 2020 in order to ensure that all applicants will be issued with original passports to proceed with their regularization process during the amnesty period.