Navy officer's death : Not a Covid-19 death

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Navy officer's death : Not a Covid-19 death

The cause of death of the Navy officer who died while undergoing treatment at the Naval General Hospital has been confirmed as Leptospirosis.

The deceased navy personnel was identified as Sunil Bandara Dodamwala, a 35 year old Lieutenant Commander, who was assigned to the Navy Headquarters.

The officer is a resident of Galenbindunuwewa area and he was admitted to the Colombo Navy Hospital on April 18, 2020 due to some illness.

It is said that this officer had also been treated for a kidney disease.

He also underwent a PCR to check if he was infected with coronavirus and the Navy says there is no truth over rumors that he was infected with the virus.

Though it is confirmed that the death was not caused by the covid 19 virus, the Judicial Medical Officer of Ragama has recommended to hold the funeral of the navy officer, following the 'funeral guidelines of covid-19 deaths' due to the prevailing situation at the Welisara Navy Camp Complex.

Update : 11.00 AM

A Navy officer who was receiving treatment at the Welisara Navy Hospital has died, Navy sources say.

"Victim's initial reports were negative for covid-19 and I am unaware of a second report" Navy spokesman Isuru Sooriyabandara said 

The Navy spokesman mentioned that the cause of his death should not be stated in a rush & It will be possible to come to a conclusion after all the reports are received.

The officer has been receiving treatment at the Welisara Navy Hospital for several days.

He is suspected to have died from some other disease, Navy sources said.