No religion, no caste, only humanity - Harbhajan Singh

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No religion, no caste, only humanity - Harbhajan Singh

Former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh and Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh have said they would support the fund set up by former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi to help the covid-19 affected people in Pakistan.

Some of their fans heavily criticized for them for pledging support to the fund.

After that, Harbhajan Singh told "No religion or no cast is relevant but only humanity."

He said this with a video of Sikhs preparing and distributing food to needy in England 

His post read: 

“No religion,no cast, only humanity..that’s what it is.. stay safe stay home..spread love not hate or virus. let’s pray for every single one.. May waheguru bless us al.”

Yuvraj said in a Twitter message that he is supporting Afridi and his foundation to help the needy who have been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

“These are testing times, it’s time to lookout for each other specially the ones who are lesser fortunate. Lets do our bit, I am supporting Shahid and his fund in this noble initiative of covid19. Pls donate on #StayHome @harbhajan_singh,” Yuvraj said in a tweet.

Shahid Afridi responded by thanking Yuvraj and Harbhajan Singh.

"Thank you for all you support-both yourself & my brother @harbhajan_singh are huge pillars of support; this bond we have shows love & peace transgresses borders when it comes to humanity especially. Best wishes to you with your noble endeavours with @YOUWECAN #DonateKaroNa,”

They have been criticized through social media due to the prevailing situation caused by conflicting political background between two countries aswel as religious reasons.

This is why the cricket matches between India and Pakistan are very competitive and aggressive. Social media clashes also can be seen between the cricket fans of these two countries.

Cricket spectators say this is a great example for "Covid-19 epidemic has no sense in religion or caste"