No one in the Family knew that he had Corona virus. : Family's version of the Negombo coronavirus victim

Staff Writer | Author . පරිවර්තනය කරන්න සිංහල හෝ தமிழ் 31. 03. 2020 | 7.27pm
No one in the Family knew that he had Corona virus. : Family's version of the Negombo coronavirus victim

The patient, who died yesterday at the Negombo Hospital due to an infection with the novel corona virus, had not gone anywhere but to seek treatment after March 9, a close relative of the victim told

To protect his identity, we will not reveal his relationship with the victim and have made a slight change to the story so that his relationship is not disclosed.

“The victim was diagnosed with Dengue about four months ago. Then he had a minor illness.

One of his sons is in Dubai. That son arrived on February 14th.  He departed back to Dubai on 27 February.  Neither he (dubai son) nor any of his family members have the disease or symptoms.

The victim left for Jaffna on the 7th of March by bus. Came back on the 9th of March.  After that, he went nowhere. Then, on March 25, he took a medication from a doctor.  A day later, after some health difficulty, he went to see a doctor.  Then had no problem until the 29th.But on 29th, he was taken to a private hospital because he was unfit.

Just checked him at that private hospital OPD.  But they did not accept the patient. They didn't do any test.  They asked to take him to a government hospital. Then he was taken to the Negombo Government Hospital.  They said it was a oxygen deficiency. We answered the questions asked by the hospital.  Then he was admitted to a ward and treated.

Then that private hospital has informed the government hospital that they had a covid-19 suspected case. The hospital didn't tell us anything after that. 

Yesterday, on the 30th, Social media posts  circulated mentioning his name that he died due to the corona virus. We got to know about this only after seeing such posts.  Otherwise We were not officially notified.  We haven't seen any report of a covid-19 infection.

Later, the PHI and others came and told the householders not to get out and told to self quarantine. Everything goes as they advised.

The body of the victim was not shown to us. We were informed that the body would be given at 6.00 am in the morning.  But they didn't. The family learned that the body was burned only after its done, not before.

What is going on social media regarding this is false.  No one in this family knew that he had Corona virus.  There was no reason to doubt that, because he has not been out of the house since the 10th.  The son of the deceased came from Dubai last month.  He left in the same month.

If the coronavirus was infected, it may have been on the bus when he visited Jaffna.  But we don't know for sure.  The family is now quarantined.  Don't let social media spread lies.  Tell the truth. ”