Maldives Parliament meets online : First in the world

Staff Writer | Author . පරිවර්තනය කරන්න සිංහල හෝ தமிழ் 29. 03. 2020 | 9.49pm
Maldives Parliament meets online : First in the world

The Maldives Parliament has decided to held its session online and will be meeting via video conference from tomorrow (30) until the health emergency is lifted. says this is the first legislative body in the world to meet online.

The rehearsals were done on Saturday, in which the Speaker of the House, Mohamed Nasheed, participated.

"A quarter of humanity is under house arrest or some other form of isolation, including countless lawmakers. But the world’s parliaments cannot just stop representing their people during this crisis. The institutions of democracy must continue to function. The Maldivian parliament will go on meeting online and all of its work will continue unimpeded." Speaker of the Maldives Parliament Mohamed Nasheed said to Zee Media.

"This crisis will change the world order; how we live; and how we produce and consume goods and services.But our country has always managed to overcome challenges, no matter how big." Nasheed added.