Confirmed Cases reach 110

28. 03. 2020 | 2.23pm
Confirmed Cases reach 110

New Update

The total number of confirmed covid-19 cases  has reached 110 by 4.00 pm today, the Epidemiology Unit said. 

It confirmed that the number of patients tested positive today is four.

Nine patients have been discharged and several others are being treated in the ICU.

Update: 2.45 PM

Two covid-19 cases were confirmed this afternoon, the Epidemiology Unit said.

The total infections has risen to 109 with this.

 Update: 2.23PM

The Epidemiology Unit says that the number of people infected with coronavirus has risen to 107 after another person was diagnosed with the virus.

Nine of these patients have recovered and have been discharged from the hospital.

Another suspected 199 patients are under medical supervision.


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