Heart patients warned to avoid busy hospitals

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Heart patients warned to avoid busy hospitals

During the current coronavirus pandemic, it is "more important than ever" for heart attack and stroke survivors to reduce the risk of another event and "avoid busy hospitals," the American Heart Association said in a statement Friday.

"Based on current information, it appears elderly people with coronary heart disease or hypertension are more likely to be infected and to develop more severe symptoms. Stroke survivors may face increased risk for complications if they get Covid-19," the statement said.

The AHA noted that after a heart attack or stroke, as many as 1 in 4 survivors will have another one.

To prevent a heart attack or stroke, the AHA offered these tips:

  1. 1.Take your medications as prescribed
  2. 2.Manage your risk factors by quitting smoking, eating healthy, staying active
  3. 3.Keep any follow-up appointments with your doctor and see if virtual visits are possible
  4. 4.Participate in a cardiac rehab program virtually
  5. 5.Get support from loved ones as needed when you feel overwhelmed, scared or confused

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