SLYJA requests to declare state of emergency

Staff Writer | Author . පරිවර්තනය කරන්න සිංහල හෝ தமிழ் 14. 03. 2020 | 8.57pm
SLYJA requests to declare state of emergency

The Sri Lanka Young Journalist's Association has called on the President and the Elections Commission to declare state of emergency in the country and postpone the general election, as the number of coronavirus cases detected in Sri Lanka has increased to 11 (including Chinese women healed).

The Sri Lanka Young Journalist's Association says that it is useless to declare a state of emergency and taking steps to control the situation after the situation worsened.

The Association states that most of the countries with the highest number of coronavirus (COVID-2019) infections have failed in the corona fight due to the lack of necessary measures in the beginning.

The association says that due to the election season, the attention paid to the disease is low and there are various programs to mobilize the people during the election period. Therefore postponing the election is the best course of action.

Sri Lanka Young Journalist's Association states that all persons who have come to Sri Lanka within the last three weeks without quarantine should be checked for corona virus,

Also they insist to quarantine all persons entering Sri Lanka from every country. as only persons from a few selected countries are currently being quarantined.  

They states that the government should pay more attention to the safety of doctors and hospital staff, specially those who treat corona virus patients and suspected patients.

The association also emphasizes that the people should also give their support to control the spread of the virus.

Those who have come to Sri Lanka in the past few weeks without quarantine from abroad are asked to volunteer and go to quarantine centers for necessary steps.

Sri Lanka Young Journalist's Association urges the public to do their best to control the disease and not to visit public places.