Rocket strikes near the US embassy in Baghdad

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Rocket strikes near the US embassy in Baghdad

A rocket has been fired into the Baghdad "Green Zone", where government buildings and foreign missions are located in Baghdad, CNN reported.

The Green Zone contains parliament, ministries and foreign embassies. It is also protected by military barriers.

The rocket was fired into the celebration square near the US embassy in Baghdad.

But no one was injured,Iraq army sources Said.

The Iraqi army said in a statement that a number of rockets also landed in the Baghdad neighborhood of Al-Jadiriya and outside Balad Air base.

The Iraqi army was unable to clarify how many rockets had been fired in each instance.

Balad Air Base houses US forces and is located 50 miles north of Baghdad.

No casualties have been reported from the incident.

It is not uncommon for rockets to be fired at the Green Zone or US position in Iraq. It is unclear who fired the rockets.