Three youths from Ratnapura released

Staff Writer | Author . පරිවර්තනය කරන්න සිංහල හෝ தமிழ் 26. 06. 2019 | 3.57pm
Three youths from Ratnapura released

Three youths arrested in Ratnapura have been released  by the Ratnapura Magistrate's Court today (26), confirming the previous findings of MediaLK.

Sudath Masinghe ,the newly appointed Superintendent of Police of Ratnapura has seen the Information posted on Facebook and the media that it is illegal to keep these three youths under remand custody.After that he has investigated the matter. The youths were not granted bail when the case was taken up on Monday.

SP Sudath Masinghe had found that there is no evidence to detain the youths,When he summoned and searched the files regarding this case. Accordingly, the suspects were released after informing the court that police had not received any evidence about these youths.

The disclosure we made earlier

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