White House on lockdown

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White House on lockdown

The White house was put under lockdown on Monday morning, according to reporters who cover the administration. 

Journalists posted messages on social media announcing the lockdown as they were assembled in the White House press briefing room, where they have not had a briefing in nearly 100 days. 

“We are literally locked in here,” wrote Megan Pratz, a reporter for Cheddar. “We can’t see much but Secret Service officers just ran across the lawn.”

The Secret Service posted a statement on Twitter minutes later saying the agency was “responding to an incident involving a suspicious package located on Pennsylvania Ave.”

Nearby pedestrian traffic routes were also closed on Monday, the Secret Service added.

Ms Pratz later tweeted that an officer with the Secret Service briefed the group of reporters who had been locked in the briefing room, and said they were asked “not to go outside.” 

“Does not want anyone out on the North Grounds right now, where all the camera positions are,” she added.

Monday marked the second lockdown for the White House in less than a week. 

Days earlier, a man was detained after attempting to jump a bike rack and throw his backpack into the defence perimeter of the White House residence. 

 - The Independent