Henarathgoda Railway Station

20. 06. 2019 | 11.31am
Henarathgoda Railway Station

Did You know about these facts of Henarathgoda Railway Station

Henarathgoda Railway Station (present-Gampaha Railway station) was built in 1864 by the British colonists.It was built to facilitate the transportation of Tea  and Coffee from the hill country to Colombo.

In 1926, the station upgraded with double rail line and became a main railway station in the country.

Later, the old station abandoned and it moved to current location with its present name, Gampaha Railway Station. But old Henarathgoda station is still visible on the line approximately 100 m away from the present station.Currently this old Henarathgoda Railway Station Building serve as the Department of Archaeology Gampaha regional office.

Gampaha Railway Station is the 15th station on the Main Line from Colombo Fort railway station with elevation of 10.97m high above mean sea level.

Station has three platforms and one siding line with crossing loop and it is designed as a commuter rail terminus.


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