30 students fell down from a bus top on 'Bus Day Celebrations'

18. 06. 2019 | 12.50pm
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 30 students fell down from a bus top on 'Bus Day Celebrations'

A group of college students in Chennai celebrated "Bus Day" on Monday and climbed on top of a bus in huge numbers. In a shocking video that has gone viral, these students can be precariously sitting on the bus roof and dangling from handles.


As soon as the bus rolled forward and slammed the brakes, about 30 students fell off the roof and almost came under the wheels of the bus.

At least 20 students have been arrested by Chennai Police for creating public nuisance.

The group of college students put their lives and also the lives of passengers at a huge risk in the name of Bus Day celebrations.


On the first day of college after summer vacation, students have been observing this day and causing public nuisance, despite repeated warnings by Chennai Police. This time as well, the students did not shy away from climbing atop the bus and trying out stunts.


Even after strict warnings, students of Pachayappa'a College and Ambedkar Arts and Science College in Chennai were caught on camera celebrating Bus Day on Monday. Many were old students influencing freshers to celebrate Bus Day by creating a ruckus.

The students were hanging by the window bars on a moving bus, climbing up its roof and even blocking traffic to take group photographs in front of the bus.


Despite the Madras High Court coming down heavily on Bus Day celebrations, the nuisance still continues even this year.The police identified and detained 24 students in connection to the Bus Day celebrations in the city.


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