My Beautiful Sri Lanka - Cinematic Traveling Film

30. 05. 2019 | 7.49pm
My Beautiful Sri Lanka - Cinematic Traveling Film

This is a video that I have been working for a long time. I captured these footages after finishing my degree studies. Since then, I have traveled to many places by train to see the beauty of my country. Only then I realized how calm and amazing my country is.

What has happened on "21st April 2019" is something everyone in our country will not be able to forget. It was very unfortunate, and it did hurt a lot to our country. However, Sri Lanka is a country that will always rise no matter what. Entirely video is filmed by handheld using a Sony a6000 camera and edited with Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Licensed by Musicbed. Inspired by Watchtower of Turkey by Leonardo Dalessandri. Please subscribe to my channel for more travel videos. Follow me on Facebook - Follow me on Instagram -


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