Austrian Government loses No-Confidence Vote

28. 05. 2019 | 12.17am
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Austrian Government loses No-Confidence Vote

Austria's parliament has voted to remove Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and his government from office in a special parliamentary session.

His previous coalition ally, the far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ), backed the motions brought by the opposition Social Democrats (SPÖ).

The FPÖ had become embroiled in a political scandal caused by a secret video, which ended the coalition.

Austria's president must now decide who will be chancellor.

This leader will head a caretaker government ahead of elections expected in September.

Mr Kurz, head of the conservative Austrian People's Party, is the first chancellor in post-war Austrian history to lose a confidence vote.

At 32, he is the world's youngest state leader.

The SPÖ brought forward the two no-confidence votes - one against Mr Kurz and the other against the government.

While they control only 52 of the 183-seat lower house, the FPÖ - who hold 51 seats - agreed to back the motions, which needed only a simple majority to pass. 


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