Easter Sunday bomb attack has been a month. But

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Easter Sunday bomb attack has been a month. But

On 21 April 2019(Easter Sunday) three luxury hotels in the commercial capital Colombo and three churches in Sri Lanka  were under attack in a series of coordinated terrorist suicide bombings. Later that day, there were smaller explosions at a housing complex in Demetagoda and a guest house in Dehiwala. 258 people were killed, including at least 46 foreign nationals.

The Easter Sunday barbarian attack has been a month. But,
  ISIS organization is still not banned in Sri Lanka.
  School system has not been restored yet.
  No one has resigned with the responsibility of taking a action from the notice of the attack of the attack.
  There is no disciplinary inquiry regarding any minister or a member who was accused of the attack.
  There is no action for the committee reports or taken by the committee on the attack.
  Even though government notified about this attack they didn't take an action public can't remember about that.