Defense Secretary's comments for a foreign journalist

24. 04. 2019 | 1.30pm
Defense Secretary's comments for a foreign journalist

Defense Secretary Hemasiri Fernando's comments for a foreign journalist

Foreign journalist - Who is responsible for this attack ?

Defense Secretary - The Defense Ministry was aware of this attack. We exchanged information. We knew it would be some thing. But this is a democratic country. There is no emergency rule.That's a very small amount we can do. Only a limited amount of information can be collected.

Foreign media - What did your intelligence said?

Defense Secretary - a small group, but an organized group is behind this.There are many facts I can not say because inquiries are being conducted. The FBI is now is with us .The interpol will come. 

Foreign media - Haven't your intelligence service gave you an early warning?

Secretary of Defense - Yes. Yes, but a bit, but a bit

Foreign media - So why didn't you take any action for protect churches?

Defense Secretary - We have informed the relevant authorities. For example, we did not go to protect hotels. We never protected hotels. The security of the hotel is being lookedafter by the security in the hotels. They have hired top officials and police officers in the military, but when this happens, they say that we have not done anything. We are not going to protect their hotels in the future. They should take care of their own safety. We care about the security of the people only.

Foreign media - If there was a warning, why didn't you protect Christian churches?

Defense Secretary -We never expected this much attack.

Foreign media - Weren't you aware of suicide attackers?

Defense Secretary - Well, no, I do not know that this kind of thing is happening in the area, though there are reports of attacks. We did not think that this would be so big, We thought there would be small, single attacks.


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