The Most Beautiful Train Journey in the World - Sri Lanka (Udarata Manike)

24. 04. 2019 | 1.30pm
The Most Beautiful Train Journey in the World - Sri Lanka (Udarata Manike)

Upcountry train journey in Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful, memorable and breathtaking train journey in the world. It takes around ten hours of swinging through the unspoiled forests in this beautiful country. This is a journey that heals both your mind and soul.

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The entire Railway track in Sri Lanka was built by the British government in 1864 mainly for transporting tea and coffee from the hill country to main city, Colombo. After owing the independence, the railway tracks remain unchanged even for today.

The main line which is known as Upcountry line is undoubtedly the most fascinating and famous line not only in Sri Lanka, but also in the whole world. One can see many waterfalls, forests, misty peaks, beautiful stations and so many tea estates and factories.

There are four main trains are traveling to Upcountry daily which are three day time trains and one famous night mail train which is hauled by two German made diesel locomotives.

It is possible to reserve a seat in prior of the departure time, but important to keep in mind that they do sell very quickly as a lot of people are preferring to travel in the train nowadays.

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